Personal Injury

Personal injury law can be associated with a wide range of circumstances where a person is injured or killed. It could be as a result of another’s negligence. Injuries and death are too common in the workplace for example. Workers in construction, manufacturing and transportation are subject to any number of risks that can result in serious personal injury or death.

But personal injury is not confined to just work injuries. Illinois is dominated by the transportation systems throughout the state. Railroads, airplanes and of course the state is crisscrossed by roads, highways and streets that citizens use by car, truck, bus, bicycle, motorcycle, train and other vehicles for their means of transportation to and from work, school, entertainment and delivery of products.

Illinois serves as a hub to the United States’ transportation system. Railroads, trucking and air transportation is centered in Illinois. As a result, particularly in the Chicago area, transportation is vital to the economic growth and stability of the region. But because Illinois is so dynamic in transportation, delivery of products, manufacturing and in medicine, individuals are subject to the innumerable risks of injuries.

Personal injury occurs regularly in the practice of medicine, in hospitals, on the streets and highways as well as in the workplace. Medical malpractice in Illinois is regulated by statute. The occurrence of a medical negligence injury or death requires a physician to certify that the standard of care practiced by the medical provider was not only below the accepted medical standard of care, but that the patient’s injury or death was caused by those acts or omissions; that certificate is required in order for an attorney to file a lawsuit naming a doctor or hospital as the responsible party for the injury.

Illinois like the rest of America has an aging segment of its population. Baby boomers are growing older and are found living in residential facilities more often today than in past years and now more than ever in nursing homes. Too often the elderly, infirm or disabled are abused physically, mentally or by neglect in nursing homes or long-term care facilities resulting in their injury or death. Illinois has enacted the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act that, along with federal regulations demands that nursing homes make all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and well-being of nursing home residents. When a nursing home resident is injured or dies because of the abuse or neglect attributed to a nursing home, a lawsuit may be filed on behalf of the resident or by the family of the resident in the event of a death or disability of the resident results.

Illinois workers take on many dangerous jobs. In the construction of Chicago’s many dynamic architecturally interesting buildings for example, not only are iron workers, concrete workers, electricians, crane operators, carpenters, masonry workers on the work site, but also the engineers and architects make their rounds to the construction site. All of these workers are vulnerable to the risks that are present at the work site where a building is being erected. The project of constructing a building has many phases that include soil testing, foundation development, elevator shaft building and development as well as installing all of the needed benefits of an office building or apartment building. The risk of injury is always present. The best of the contractors take great care in making the work site safe and orderly. But personal injuries do occur there nevertheless.

Trucks and cars dominate Illinois interstate highways. Accidents occur at an alarming rate every year. Truck and car crashes account for hundreds of Illinois and Chicago area deaths each year. Many of these traffic fatalities can be avoided if drivers are obedient of the traffic laws and speed limits.

Any time a person suffers an injury, whether from a car or truck accident, a work injury, by a toxic chemical injury, pharmaceutical defect injury, medical malpractice injury, or a nursing home abuse injury the person or family may have a right to seek fair and just compensation for the injury or death caused by another’s negligence.

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