Reporting Nursing Home Abuse

In Illinois, a registered and licensed nursing home is legally obligated to give its residents a safe environment and quality nursing care. It is a well-known correlation that the more often a family member or loved one or friends of a resident visits a nursing home resident, the more likely the resident will receive proper care. However, if you suspect that a nursing home resident has been abused or neglected, not only are you entitled to question the nursing home staff, doctors, nurses, LPNs and nursing home administrator, but you are also entitled to report suspicious or unsavory nursing home abuse or negligence.

These are questions that should be answered when signs of nursing home abuse may be present:

  • Are there physical signs of injury or neglect?

  • Does the resident appear to be withdrawn?

  • Does the resident show signs of bruises, swelling or cuts?

  • Are you hearing from the resident that the care given by the nursing home staff and professionals is substandard?

  • Does it appear that when you are visiting your family member, loved one or friend that visits by a nursing home staff are very frequent?

  • Have you noticed any physical changes in the resident, such as bruises or marks or the beginning stages of bed sores?

  • Have you noticed that the resident is receiving healthy and regular meals, either at bedside or in the nursing home dining area?

  • Has the resident developed serious medical conditions that have gone untreated because the nursing home staff has chosen not to arrange for a physician examination?

  • Is there evidence of rapid weight loss?

  • Do you know with some level of certainty that all of the resident’s medicine is being given at the recommended times and at the recommended and prescribed amounts?

How to Report Nursing Home Abuse

If you believe that your family member, loved one or friend, who is a resident of a nursing home, assisted living facility or long-term care facility has been injured, neglected or abused, then you may take immediate action by reporting to the Illinois Department of Aging. You must know that all complaints of nursing home abuse are taken very seriously and are investigated. Interviews may be required of family members and friends of the resident. The medical history and the nursing home records will also be reviewed.

To report an incident of possible nursing home abuse, contact:

Illinois Department of Aging
421 East Capitol Ave., Suite 100
Springfield, IL 62701-1789

In addition, family members, loved ones or friends of a resident can also contact the Illinois Long-Term Care Ombudsmen Program; Illinois Senior Help Line 1-800-252-8966 or outside of Illinois, 217-524-6911. If your suspect that the nursing home is not providing the needed care or there has been an incident, notification to the Illinois Department of Public Health would also be in order.

The Illinois Department of Public Health operates a central complaint registry. There the complaint will be recorded and investigated. The central complaint registry nursing home hotline is: 1-800-252-4343, 1-800-547-0466 (TTY). Complaints can also be made electronically by logging on to its website at:

Another website for reporting possible nursing abuse or neglect is with the National Center on Elder Abuse. Its website is:

Elder abuse and neglect is a “violation of human rights and a significant cause of illness, injury, loss of productivity, isolation and despair,” according to the World Health Organization. Don’t let a nursing home neglect or abuse your loved one.

The Illinois Long-Term Care Ombudsmen Program is staffed with volunteers and advocates who are available to protect and prevent harm to nursing home residents in Illinois. An ombudsman is most important for family, friends and loved ones of Illinois nursing home residents who may live outside the area or even outside of Illinois.

If you notice signs of abuse, such as physical injuries, neglect or emotional behavioral changes in an Illinois nursing home resident, Kreisman Law Offices has more than 40 years of experience assisting families whose loved ones have been injured, neglected or abused at an Illinois nursing home, assisted living facility or a long-term health care facility.. We can help you recognize the warning signs of nursing home abuse and neglect.

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