Chicago Injury Lawyer Blog

The Chicago Injury Lawyer Blog publishes regular articles referring to jury trials, cases about new Illinois and procedures. The articles discuss lawsuits and outcomes of cases where individuals with injuries or death have been affected in truck accidents, automobile accidents, construction site work incidents, product liability cases, pharmaceutical injury cases and bicycle accident cases. In this blog post, I regularly report on other cases of significance whether they are Illinois Appellate Court cases of federal Court of Appeals cases. Many of the blog posts deal with new findings in the law that effect personal injury litigation, wrongful death cases, product defect cases, pharmaceutical defect cases and work injury cases.

Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorney Blog

This blog post deals with medical malpractice lawsuits, appellate court case decisions and changes in Illinois and federal law related to medical negligence. The blog also includes changes in practice. For example, many of the blog posts discuss the changes in the medical practice generally, including how the practice of medicine affects health care overall. Today more than ever, electronic medical records are the norm. This is a profound change from the past. Most doctors, nurses and medical providers in the past have written their medical record entries by hand which made up the patient’s hospital or practitioner’s chart. That fashion has been overcome by the electronic medical records and electronic, computer-generated posting of patient progress notes. In our practice when handling a medical malpractice lawsuit, audit trails are requested in each case. The reason for that is among other things, the audit trail allows a lawyer to have an outline of what entries were made on the hospital chart, when they were made and by whom. The untangling of electronic medical records is much more involved today than it has in the past. There are different databases, there are different medical record programs and there are different locations for storing medical records in today’s hospital settings. This blog post also concentrates on the elements of medical negligence. Oftentimes posts discuss the many ways that medical professionals can avoid injuring patients unnecessarily.

Chicago Nursing Home Lawyers Blog

The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act is an Illinois statute that is designed to help protect Illinois’ nursing home resident population. The Nursing Home Lawyers blog post is specific to cases that relate to injury or death to residents at Illinois nursing homes, long-term care facilities and assisted living nursing homes. The blog post discusses the emerging case law in the nursing home legal practice as well as citing the cases that have been tried to juries in Illinois and around the country. As the population of America ages, nursing home abuse cases and nursing home negligence cases have been on the rise. This blog post also offers advice on how to best protect a loved one from abuse or negligent at an Illinois nursing home facility.

Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer Blog

This blog site discusses the many cases where tragically newborns and young children are injured traumatically at birth or in the labor and delivery process. The blog refers to cases involving the death of a fetus, newborn’s brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery and the emerging case law in birth injury matters. The blog post attempts to alert lawyers and public about changes that are made by practicing labor and delivery physicians, neonatal physicians and obstetricians and gynecologists. The tragedy of the injury or death of a child is an incredible, lifelong loss to the family. The blog posts discuss many of the cases where the injury or death of a newborn could have been preventable had the medical providers been diligent to the observable onset of danger to the fetus.

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

This blog has been active for nearly a decade. In the blog site, many cases of varying kinds have been discussed with application of changing Illinois and federal law. Particularly, the blog site discusses cases involving catastrophic injuries to individuals and families and the wrongful death of individuals. The blog site also discusses cases in pharmaceutical product defect cases, toxic tort cases, nursing home negligence cases, medical malpractice cases, birth injury cases, chemical exposure cases, automobile, bicycle, motorcycle and truck injury and death cases.