Palos Community Hospital

Palos Community Hospital, 12251 S. 80th Avenue, Palos Heights, IL 60463

Palos Community Hospital is located in Palos Heights, Illinois, which is a southwestern suburb to the City of Chicago. The hospital sits about 21.1 miles away from the center of the city limits of the City of Chicago.

The hospital has an acute care facility as well as an emergency department. It participates in nursing care registry. Registries help hospital collect and analyze data to improve care. Participating in a registry does not mean that a hospital specializes in or only provides a particular type of service.

Palos Community Hospital is able to track patients’ lab results, tests and referrals electronically between visits. The hospital uses both outpatient and inpatient safe surgery checklists. Safe surgery checklists show whether the hospital practices counting instruments used during surgery, before administering anesthesia, before incision and closing in a surgery. The overall rating for Palos Community Hospital four stars out of five.

The overall rating system is a summary of quality measures on Hospital Compare. These measures reflect common conditions that hospitals treat. Hospitals may perform more complex services or procedures not reflected in the measures on Hospital Compare. Patients considering an admission to a particular hospital should always discuss these overall ratings with the patients’ physician or healthcare provider to decide whether a particular hospital is the right one.

82% of Palos Community Hospital’s patients reported that their nurses “always” communicated well. The Illinois average is 81%. Palos Community Hospital’s patients reported that their doctors “always” communicated well at the rate of 82%, which was the same percentage as both the Illinois and national averages. 66% of Palos Community Hospital’s patients reported that they “always” received help as soon as they wanted it. The Illinois and national averages were slightly higher at 69%. 79% of Palos Community Hospital patients reported that they would definitely recommend the hospital to others. The Illinois average in this category was lower at 71%.

Palos Community Hospital is a general medical and surgical hospital with 362 beds. Survey data for the latest year available shows that 47,415 patients visited the hospital’s emergency room. The U.S. News analysis of hospitals includes data from nearly 5,000 hospitals across multiple clinical specialties, procedures and conditions. In the rankings and ratings by U.S. News, the hospital was rated high performing in hip and knee replacement surgeries and average on aortic valve surgery.

The hospital received four stars out of five for satisfaction with doctors’ communications. This is how patients rated physicians in listening and explaining in a way that patients could understand the course of treatment.

The website of the hospital is:

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