Ophthalmology Malpractice

According to the National Institute of Health, ophthalmology malpractice occurs within one month of the initial physician-patient encounter. Probably the most common ophthalmologic procedure is cataract surgery. Of those where an ophthalmology malpractice occurs, 84% of those patients sustained injuries following a cataract procedure which resulted in legal blindness or worse.

Another frequent complication was where an ophthalmologist chose not to correctly diagnose or delay the correct diagnosis of a detached retina. In some of those cases, the doctor was claimed to have negligently treated the patient that resulted in a retinal detachment.

A common factor leading to ophthalmology malpractice cases are when the physician or staff is found who have altered the patient records or have recorded poorly the patient’s care and treatment. Also a problem is the issue where the patient with acute eye problems is not seen by the ophthalmologist in a timely manner. One of the other frequent errors of ophthalmologist is a failure to consult with another physician who is more expert in a particular area or field.

An area of ophthalmology malpractice is as a result of LASIK surgery. LASIK surgeries are very common for correcting moderately nearsighted or mild astigmatism. Most LASIK surgeries give the patient 20/20 vision. However, there have been errors by ophthalmologists resulting in worsening vision, dry eye or even blindness. In some cases, the patient undergoing a LASIK procedure is left with progressive corneal thinning or a patient develops cataracts at a young age. Not all eye patients are candidates for LASIK surgery. There are many who if correctly evaluated the doctor would conclude that the patient is not a candidate for LASIK surgery because of the greater risk of vision damage.

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