Anoxic Brain Injuries

The brain, like the other vital organs of the body, requires oxygen saturation. The brain utilizes about 1/5 of the body’s total oxygen. Accordingly, when the brain is deprived of sufficient oxygen supply, it can be severely injured. An anoxic brain injury is one in which the brain is deprived of the needed oxygen because of a hypoxic event. Cerebral hypoxia occurs when there is not sufficient oxygen circulating through the brain to maintain its vitality. As a result, the brain suffers from brain hypoxia, which can lead to severe brain damage or death. Brain cells that do not receive enough oxygen will start to degrade and after a very short time, usually about 4 minutes.

There are several kinds of anoxia that can occur. When the brain is deficient in hemoglobin, which is a chemical in the red blood cells responsible for taking oxygen and circulating it throughout the body, the brain can be injured. Ischemic anoxia occurs when the brain is cut off from blood flow, like in a stroke. Anoxic anoxia takes place when there is not enough oxygen absorbed by the body. This can happen when a person is at higher altitudes and the air is thinner.

The symptoms of hypoxic-ischemic injury can include problems thinking clearly, weakness in the extremities, unable to visualize objects at a distance and unable to follow simple instructions.

The heart pumps blood through the body, but the oxygenated blood comes from the lungs. That oxygen rich blood is then carried to the brain. Anoxic brain damage will occur is the blood flow is blocked or slowed by a stroke, shock or heart attack. Anoxic brain damage can also occur if the heart’s output of oxygen rich blood is compromised because of a disease, such as a pulmonary illness, high elevations, and prolonged exposure to a toxic environment, drowning, choking or suffocation.

There is an increased risk of anoxic brain damage if a person suffers a cardiac arrest or heart attack, is exposed to high levels of electricity (electric shock), heart arrhythmia, overdose of drugs, stroke, choking or suffocation.

The diagnosis of anoxic brain damage is done by a brain MRI or CT scan. In a prolonged surgery where the patient has been ventilated for hours, the post-surgery awakening of the patient is crucial.

Some patients who have had major heart surgery for example may suffer from a form of anoxic brain damage often referred to as “pump head”. This is a rather crude description of a patient condition who has suffered a measurable degree of brain injury attributable to the patient being on the heart lung machine for an extended period of time. It would be up to the surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgical nurses and perfusionists in the surgical suite to be alert to the cardiac output of the patients. The doctors, nurses and staff should be reading the monitors and be alert to the signs that measure oxygenation and cardiac output at all times to be sure the patient is receiving adequate perfusion and oxygen to the brain to prevent and avoid anoxic brain damage during surgery.

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