$439,600 Jury Verdict for Injured Bicyclist Struck by Motorist in Intersection

Ricky Murphy rode his bicycle across the street at an intersection when a motor vehicle driven by the defendant Stephen Lane Hare collided with him. Murphy who was 49 at the time suffered a fractured left ankle and tibia.

Because of the fractures, his ankle developed necrosis, which will necessitate a future ankle fusion surgery or an ankle replacement. Murphy’s medical expenses totaled $44,000.

As a landscaper, he was earning approximately $20,000 per year.  Now he is unable to do that job and works as a Salvation Army intake clerk at a reduced salary.

Murphy sued Hare claiming negligent operation of his car.

After a jury trial, the jury signed the verdict for $439,600. Because the verdict was in excess of Hare’s proposed settlement, he is subject to paying Murphy an additional judgment of costs and attorney fees. According to the report of this case, post-trial motions are pending.

The attorneys representing Murphy were Lawrence C. Najem and Thomas D. Roebig Jr.

Murphy v. Hare, No. 16-2015-CA-002302 (Fla. Cir. Ct. Duval County).

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