Environmental Protection Agency Studies Toxic Chemicals in Consumer Products

There are many toxic chemicals found in everyday products used by families and children alike.  The chemicals that are being studied were based on one of the following factors:·        

  •        Concern for children’s health (particularly reproductive or developmental effects);
    ·         Neurotoxic effects;
    ·         Persistent toxic qualities;
    ·         Probable or known carcinogens;
    ·         Products used by children;
    ·         Detection in bio-monitoring programs.

The EPA had previously drafted risk assessments that included chemicals found in flame retardants, chemicals added to fragrant ingredients in commercial and consumer products, methylene chloride found in paint stripper products and a chemical that is used as a spray-on protective coating.These are samples of the 83 chemicals whose risk assessments were completed in 2012.  In 2014, seven risk assessments are scheduled focusing on the effects of such chemicals’ exposure to humans and the environment.

Once the risk assessments are done, the potential health risks will be identified and the EPA will conduct additional evaluations and take risk-reduction measures.

Of the 23 chemicals flagged in 2013, 20 were flame-retardant chemicals found in many household products including furniture, textiles and electronics.These chemicals are known to cause neurological defects when a person is repeatedly exposed. Children are most at risk. The EPA will also investigate the environmental impact these chemicals have. 

The bottom line is that consumers must be aware that products on store shelves may not be as safe as they have believed. Consumers should be cautioned that these products may not have undergone any screening or testing that would have revealed the dangers now being discovered.There is a need to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which the EPA is pursuing. 

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