Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are the most common car accidents in Illinois. One car stops and the other driver of the car behind is unable to stop in time and a rear-end collision takes place. The causes of rear-end crashes are many. There could be a sudden deceleration of the lead car where the car right behind is traveling too fast for conditions. It could be that a driver of a car or truck is distracted by a cell phone call, texting, a slippery or icy pavement, another vehicle swerving into the line of traffic or a sudden traffic stop for an emergency vehicle or an approaching train at a railroad crossing.

Other common causes of rear-end auto accidents are tailgating which in Illinois and in most states are prohibited by statute. Most state vehicle codes require cars and trucks to stay one car-length behind the vehicle in front of it for every 10 miles per hour of traveling speed.

Alcohol use compromises a driver’s reflexes and is a cause of rear-end crashes. Whether a driver is intoxicated in Illinois is determined by a Breathalyzer. If the driver’s alcohol level reaches .08 then the person is considered intoxicated and will be arrested.

Drivers should be aware of road defects, construction sites, children animals and pedestrians, accidents on the roadway or highway and police and radar guns all of which may be reason for drivers to suddenly slow or stop.

If two cars of the same size collide in a rear-end collision, the force of the impact will very often injure drivers and passengers in the lead car. The reason for that is the transference of mass from the rear car to the lead car. It passes from the stopped vehicle to the one that is moving into the rear end of the other. Chicago attorney Robert Kreisman of Kreisman Law Offices has successfully handled rear-end collision cases for his clients for more than 40 years. With highest peer review rating by Martindale-Hubbell, AV, and Kreisman has excelled in jury trials for these many years.

Suppose a driver in the lead is stopped at a stop sign and the car behind is traveling at 50 mph and hits the rear end of the stopped vehicle. The force and transfer of the mass to the lead car would be like driving your car at 25 mph into a brick wall.

Although the design of cars today are meant to better protect drivers and passengers, rear-end collisions do not always prevent injury. Even at a slow speed, rear-end crashes can cause severe injuries to drivers and passengers which include injury to the cervical spine, lumbar spine, spinal cord, facial injuries and bone fractures. Even with safety belts and airbags, drivers and passengers are susceptible to catastrophic injury.

If you or someone close to you has been injured by a rear-end car collision, call the lawyers at Kreisman Law Offices with more than 40 years of experience handling these cases. You need an experienced attorney to conduct the investigation, retrieve the medical records, hospital records, evidence of lost time away from work and deal with insurance adjusters for purposes of maximizing your compensation. Many times drivers and passengers are unaware of the injuries they suffer when they suffer in a rear-end collision. Consult with Robert Kreisman of Kreisman Law Offices to receive a free consultation and the best advice on how to proceed.

Surviving a rear-end collision can be very stressful. Insurance adjusters regularly call those who are injured in rear-end collisions to take what they call telephone recorded statements and to obtain other facts. It is most important to first consult with an experienced auto accident attorney. You need someone on your side. It is not always helpful to agree to a telephone statement with an insurance adjuster. It is best to first consult with an experienced lawyer who can best assess the most favorable steps to take for your situation.

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