Pedestrian Crashes

In 2012 in Illinois, there were 139 fatal crashes that involved a death to a pedestrian. 4,665 pedestrians were injured in crashes with motor vehicles of all kinds in 2012. Many of these incidences of injury or death to a pedestrian can be prevented. Most Chicago and Cook County roads and streets are marked in some ways whether by boulevard stops, stoplights or with crosswalks.

In an Illinois pedestrian accident, did the motorist run a red light or traffic signal? Was the motorist speeding? Was the driver of the motor vehicle intoxicated? Did the pedestrian wander off into traffic while texting? These are questions that must be answered in order to determine responsibility in a pedestrian accident with a motor vehicle.

Pedestrians are great risk when crossing streets and highways. To reduce the number of Illinois pedestrian injuries and deaths, it is always safe to be very aware of the surroundings when crossing streets and roadways.

It is important to know whether the motor vehicle driver, whether it’s a car, truck or van was impaired by alcohol, drugs or lack of attention. Pedestrians are susceptible to great injury and death if struck by a moving vehicle.

Pedestrians can be injured in many different ways. For example, in the city, children often play in areas that are adjacent to streets. Although motorists have the requirement to exercise reasonable care, pedestrians must be aware of the area around them.

When crossing a street in places other than a crosswalk or an intersection, the pedestrian may still have the right of way to oncoming cars. In addition, pedestrians may be injured or killed when crossing a street where illegally parked cars make the view of another vehicle obstructed. Automobile and motorcycle accidents involving pedestrians require consultation with an experienced attorney.

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