Court Enters Judgment for $31.1 Million in Negligent Treatment of Severe Hypertension

Kevin Clanton, 28, underwent a pre-employment screening and was told that he had high blood pressure. He went to a federally financed public healthcare facility where he met with nurse practitioner Denise Jordan. She noted that he had severe hypertension with blood pressure readings of 210/170. Jordan ordered lab work and diagnosed high cholesterol and obesity in addition to hypertension. She gave Clanton medication samples and told him to follow up with her the next week so that he could receive his work clearance.

Clanton did not follow up with Jordan as instructed. About two years later, his employer told him that he needed medical care due to his high blood pressure. For the next year, Clanton consulted again with Jordan who attempted to lower his blood pressure with various medications and address his symptoms such as blurred vision.

Clanton often took extended absences from his treatment and stopped consulting with Jordan for 15 months before resuming treatment with her. Lab tests taken at his latest visit showed that he had Stage IV chronic kidney disease. Clanton was not advised of this condition.

Two months later, he was rushed to a nearby hospital suffering from shortness of breath. He was diagnosed as having a hypertensive crisis and was told that he suffered kidney damage resulting from uncontrolled hypertension.

Three years after that, after ongoing dialysis, Clanton underwent a kidney transplant. He had worked in a health care setting for an hourly wage, but is no longer able to work due to his condition. He anticipates requiring two more kidney transplants.

Clanton filed a lawsuit against the United States alleging liability, alleging that Jordan chose not to provide proper patient education about the need to control high blood pressure.

Specifically, Clanton alleged that Jordan chose not to instruct him on the nature of his illness, the consequences of not treating it and the importance of taking his medication.

This case tried in the Federal District Court in the Southern District of Illinois at East St. Louis, Ill., without a jury, pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) entered a judgment of $31.1 million. The original award was $29.6 million, which was later amended.

The attorneys successfully representing Clanton in this lawsuit were Stephen J. Telcon, Troy Walton and Michael B. Marker.

At trial, Clanton’s attorneys presented experts in nephrology, nursing and internal medicine. The United States in its defense presented experts in endocrinology, internal medicine and cardiology.

Clanton v. United States, No. 13:15-cv-00124 (S.D. Illinois).

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