Sports Supplement Maker Moves to Consolidate Hepatitis and Liver Injury Cases

USPLabs LLC, which is the maker of dietary sports supplements purchased over the counter, is now asking to consolidate nine federal lawsuits that have been brought against the company by individual injured plaintiffs. The company makes the product OxyElite Pro, which has been associated with liver injuries and hepatitis.  The motion to consolidate was brought before the United States District Court for the Southern District of California in the Multi-District Litigation (MDL). USPLabs is a defendant in lawsuits pending against it in California, Florida, Hawaii, Pennsylvania and Texas.

There are at least six personal injury lawsuits pending as well as three proposed class-action lawsuits. It was alleged that OxyElite Pro and the product Jack3d contained unsafe ingredients or adulterated ingredients as defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The unsafe ingredient, known as DMAA, contains two substances that have been associated with fatalities and liver failure. USPLabs is located in Dallas, Texas, which has been named in these lawsuits along with GNC Holdings Inc., which has partnered with USPLabs in marketing these dietary supplement products.

The several lawsuits brought by individuals who have been injured by taking OxyElite indicate that most have suffered liver damage ranging from death to liver transplants and other associated illnesses linked to the use of the dietary supplement.

The FDA has previously raised issues about the safety of products that contain DMAA, a stimulant that the agency states has caused more than 100 deaths and many reported illnesses. Many of the lawsuits against USPLabs are in the early stages of discovery. Cases are also pending in state courts in California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas.

One case filed on behalf of a soldier who died using Jack3d was filed first in the state court in California and then was transferred to the federal court, the Western District of Texas in El Paso, Texas. Even in the midst of this litigation and countless other complaints about the products that USPLabs sells and distributes, USPLabs has regularly announced that its products are safe for use and continues to sell products through its distribution chain throughout the United States.

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