$6.5 Million Verdict in Actos Bladder Cancer Trial

There are more than 3,000 active Actos bladder lawsuits pending nationwide.In one of the first to go to trial, a jury returned a $6.5 million verdict against Takeda Pharmaceuticals American, Inc., the company that makes and markets the diabetes drug, Actos.  The plaintiff in this case developed bladder cancer after being prescribed Actos for his diabetes.

The jury found that Takeda chose not to warn patients and physicians of the risks associated with using Actos. The jury’s verdict of $6.5 million was made up of the following damages: $5 million to the plaintiff and $1.5 million to his wife for loss of consortium.

The plaintiff was prescribed Actos for his diabetes by his family physician. The plaintiff took Actos for more than 4 years before developing bladder cancer in 2011. The presiding judge ordered that this case go to trial when it was found that the plaintiff was very ill and not likely to survive even another year. The trial, which started in February, lasted nearly 2 months. 

During the course of the trial, there was evidence that Takeda knew of links between Actos and bladder cancer as early as 2004.  However, it was also found that for more than 7 years, Takeda chose not disclose that risk to the federal Food and Drug Administration.  Also considered by the jury were e-mails to and from Takeda executives revealing that the company was aware of the increased risk of bladder cancer when using Actos, yet chose not to act on that knowledge because of the profit margin of the product.In other words, profits over people was the mantra for Takeda and its executives.

Takeda says that it will take an appeal if its post-trial motions are denied. These lawsuits are pending nationwide, including Illinois and in federal courts across the country. There is multidistrict litigation pending as well. This lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles California Superior Court.

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