Nursing Homes Required To Provide Assistance With Activities Of Daily Living, Especially For Those Who Have Dietary And Eating Restrictions

There has been a recent uptick in claims and lawsuits brought by nursing home and long-term residents, families and loved ones against nursing homes and their ownership for injuries to residents because of the way they are assisted or not assisted depending on a resident’s dietary needs.

For example, many residents on entry to a nursing home are carefully screened for falls, bed sores, medication and are otherwise admitted to a nursing home after a reasonably careful and prudent screening process.

However, in many cases, the issue of a resident’s disability may be relevant in how he or she is able to eat and digest food.

In some of these cases, the resident, because of a stroke or other condition, requires a soft diet prescribed by the resident’s physician. In cases that have been published lately, nursing assistants and nursing home personnel have too often overlooked this restriction in diet. Without careful attention to the foods that residents receive, choking is often the result.

When choking of a resident or anyone occurs, it may lead to a cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, organ failure and possibly death. In many cases the resident dies because of choking on food that is not carefully and properly prepared and delivered to the resident at an Illinois nursing home.

In these tragic cases, lawsuits are brought against the nursing home and its owners for choosing not to provide adequate care, including therapeutic diet and supervision. These cases also include the failure to adequately train and supervise nursing home personnel.

For residents and loved ones looking after a nursing home resident, it is more than imperative that the nursing home be reminded repeatedly about the resident’s dietary restrictions.

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