Nursing Home Resident Develops Pressure Sores at Short-Term Rehabilitation Center – Rosenbloom v. Claremont Extended Healthcare

An 89 year-old man was admitted to a nursing home for short-term rehabilitation after undergoing a hip replacement surgery. The man developed Stage II sacral pressure sores in the nursing facility. Rosenbloom v. Claremont Extended Healthcare, et al., 08 L 3872.
A <a href="Rosenbloom v. Claremont Extended Healthcare, et al., 08 L 3872″>nursing home malpractice lawsuit was filed alleging that the defendant nursing home chose not to put in place a care plan, follow the wound care recommendations of a doctor and inaccurately access the resident’s wound, causing it to deteriorate to an infected Stage IV bed sore.

Many times in nursing homes, the residents are unable to move about on their own. In those cases, it is very common for these types of immobile residents to develop pressure sores from inactivity, in ability to change position and because of a lack of appropriate bedding.

In this <a href="Rosenbloom v. Claremont Extended Healthcare, et al., 08 L 3872″>Illinois nursing home negligence case, the bed sore became infected and the resident died on July 3, 2007 survived by two children. Settlement was reached in this case before trial. The amount of the settlement was $500,000.

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