Confidential Settlement Reached for Negligent Prostate Cancer Surgery

Mr. Doe, age 48, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He underwent laparoscopic bilateral lymph node dissection surgery by two HMO urologists. During this surgery, the obturator nerve was severed, which left Mr. Doe unable to control his right leg. He was unable to continue in his job as a grounds maintenance worker. He has lost $5,000 in income. He now works at a less strenuous job for the same salary.

Mr. Doe sued the HMO claiming its urologists negligently performed the laparoscopy. The lawsuit specifically claimed that the doctors chose not isolate and protect the nerve while trying to remove the lymph node packet and chose not reattach the nerve after it was transected.

The defendants argued that the injury to the obturator nerve is rare.  They also maintained that severing that nerve is a known complication of this surgery. Before trial, the parties settled confidentially.

The attorneys representing Mr. Doe were Ralph E. Hughes and Derek E. Hughes. The Doe lawyer team presented an expert in urology as did the defendants.

Doe v. Roe HMO, Confidential Docket.

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