$6.71 Million Jury Verdict for the Death of a Fifteen-Year-Old From Negligence in Handling Pulmonary Emboli

Nicole Incrocci was just 15 when she was bitten by a poisonous snake on her lower left leg. Her leg continued to swell over the next month. When she developed right flank pain, coughing and vomiting, she went to a hospital emergency room where a doctor diagnosed pneumonia, prescribed an antibiotic and discharged her to home.

Nicole’s condition worsened despite the administration of multiple antibiotics. She was later hospitalized. A family physician, Dr. Monique Casey-Bolden, who was aware of the pneumonia diagnosis, Nicole’s chest pain and her history of coughing up blood, diagnosed worsening pneumonia and prescribed different antibiotics.

Nicole’s condition continued to worsen. She developed rapid heart and respiratory rates for which Dr. Casey-Bolden ordered oxygen, albuterol treatments, Tylenol, and an EKG and chest-x-ray.

On the following day, Nicole collapsed in the bathroom and lost consciousness. A CT angiogram showed bilateral blood clots in her lungs (pulmonary emboli) and on her heart. This tragedy resulted in the death of Nicole from a cardiac arrest shortly after undergoing that test. She is survived by her parents.

The Incrocci parents filed suit against Family Care P.C. alleging liability for Dr. Casey-Bolden’s choosing not to timely diagnose and treat Nicole’s pulmonary emboli despite the numerous warning, signs which included her chest pain and history of coughing up blood. The lawsuit also claimed that the doctor chose not to take a proper history or conduct an adequate physical exam.

The jury’s verdict was for $6.71 million. The attorneys successfully representing the Incrocci family for this tragic death were James Lemonds and Paul Kauffmann.

At this jury trial, the Incrocci plaintiffs presented experts in family medicine, pulmonary medicine and nursing practices. The defendants hired experts to testify in pathology and family medicine.

Incrocci v. Family Care, P.C., No. 1-cv-5 (Tenn. Cir. Ct. Dyre County).

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