$2.25 Million Settlement when Hospital Chooses Not to Send Patient to Hospital When Stroke Symptoms Were Obvious

A confidential settlement was reached with a physician for the injuries suffered by a patient after the physician neglected to rush the patient to a hospital. The 44-year-old woman patient suffered from mild hypertension and took birth control pills. After developing a migraine, she vomited violently.

The next day the patient experienced heaviness and limpness in her upper left arm and tingling and numbness in her entire left hand. That evening she called her doctor who was her primary care physician. The patient alleged that the doctor told her to take two Advil. The next morning the patient was unable to move. She was transported to a hospital where studies showed that she had suffered a mild cerebral artery infarct, a stroke.

The patient now suffers from aphasia and partial paralysis on her left side. She had been an accounting supervisor, but is now unable to work.

The patient sued her primary care physician alleging that he chose not to instruct her to go to the hospital for an immediate evaluation when the patient displayed textbook symptoms of stroke. Had the doctor done so, the patient claimed she would have undergone the hospital’s stroke protocol, including a CT scan, and would have received intravenous heparin.

The defendant doctor maintained that he had instructed the patient to go to the hospital, but the patient refused to go. At arbitration, the panel of arbitrators found for the patient as to liability and causation. The parties then settled the case for $2.25 million.

The patient was expertly represented by attorney Daniel Hodes of Irvine, Calif.

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