Physical Assault

Nursing homes are filling up at record rates. More nursing homes are being built to accommodate the aging population. However, nursing home assault and abuse cases are more frequent than should be tolerated. Nursing home assault and abuse cases can take the form of physical abuse, sexual abuse or even mental abuse. Each form of assault can lead to very serious and varying injuries to nursing residents. These kinds of assaults can be initiated by other residents, by personnel and even by family members or friends of residents where nursing home personnel either ignore or turn a blind eye to such abuse.

The elderly are vulnerable to many abuses. As a result, if a nursing home resident is the victim of some form of abuse, they can lose their self-respect and their health. Many of the facts surrounding an assault or abuse of a nursing home resident are hard to discover. Residents will not often discuss assault or abuse with staff or even family members because their fear of reprisal by the staff or other personnel. They may even feel ashamed of what had happened.

For the loved ones of nursing home residents, it is imperative that visits be as frequent as possible. The reason for that is to discovery any wrongdoing that may have occurred to the resident as a result of assault or abuse of any kind. It is important to recognize the signs of nursing home abuse. Some of the signs that may trigger a warning of such an abuse such as assault might include:

  • Sudden or unexplained hair loss
  • A broken bone
  • Bruises and cuts
  • Changes in behavior
  • Loss of appetite or weight
  • Unwillingness to discuss or talk about these changes

Nursing home abuse, as mentioned, can take on the form of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse would include any kind of inappropriate touching or sexual activity. Some nursing home residents because of their infirmity are prone to sexual abuse. This would be especially true for the younger nursing home residents. Because nursing home residents can often times are unable to communicate because of illness or immobile because of injury or illness, they are more likely to be the victim of sexual abuse.

Nursing home sexual abuse cases arise out of the inappropriate conduct of a staff person, another nursing home resident or even a stranger or visitor to the nursing home facility. Assault of any kind is a criminal act. Sexual assault is likewise a criminal activity that should be investigated, not only by the nursing home facility, but resident’s attorneys, the local police and authorities. Nursing homes would be and should be held accountable for these criminal acts. The nursing home would be responsible even if it acted negligently in allowing such activities to exist on its premises. Some of these types of nursing home negligence could include some of the following:

  • Inadequate background
  • Review of nursing home personnel
  • Inadequate supervision of nursing home personnel
  • Choosing not regularly supervise to limit the possibility of sexual abuse by another resident
  • Choosing not to appropriately monitor visitors or allowing them to be in a position to have contact with a resident that could be a set up for sexual abuse

If you or someone else you know has been injured because of physical abuse at an Illinois nursing home, assisted living facility or long-term care facility, you may be entitled to legal recourse.

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