Falling Debris Accidents

Motorists on Illinois highways face many different kinds of dangers that require precaution. One of those is falling debris from trucks and other vehicles. Flatbed trucks carrying loads are usually secured by devices that insure that the items will not fall from the truck. However, it happens that these devices are ineffective from keeping large items from falling off from a truck onto the roadway causing accidents.

If an item falls from a trailer, it has been improperly secured, which is a great hazard to those traveling behind the truck. Hazardous materials can also be spilled or released from the back of motor vehicles causing damage, injury and accidents to those traveling behind.

It is well-known that large commercial truck companies deliver a variety of products to the market place. When these materials are not safely secured on the back of a truck or in a trailer, accidents result. Many of these falling debris accidents are catastrophic and may cause death to motorists sharing the same road with the commercial truck.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and other federal and state laws, including Illinois, are designed to prevent tractor-trailers from driving highways unless its loads are covered and secured. It is important that truck cargo not spill onto the highways and streets that it travels. In most cases, it is the duty of the truck operator and his or her company to make sure that there are no defects in the containers or in the security methods in which the cargo is tied down to the truck.

It is not uncommon for motor carriers to haul construction materials, lumber, steel beams, hazardous waste materials, cement, bricks, gravel and oil and gas products. All of these materials can be extremely dangerous if spilled or fall from the truck or motor vehicle hauling them.

When a commercial truck driver or truck company is responsible for a load on one of its vehicles that is not adequately secured onto the truck, the product can roll off and either strikes a passing vehicle, a trailing car or truck or the object can hit another motorist or pedestrian. In such case, the results can be extremely dangerous. Falling objects from commercial trucks have been known to be responsible for causing collisions or rollovers of other vehicles. To ensure that trucks travel safely on Illinois roads, streets and highways, the driver and his or her truck company must follow all applicate federal regulations regarding securement of cargo. All trucks that carry any kind of cargo must be certain to tie down loads, make sure the load is even distributed as to weight and to be certain that all federal and state rules governing truckers and trucking companies are met.

If the load of a commercial truck rolls off, becomes disengaged, drops or releases toxic chemicals, petrochemicals, diesel fuels or any such product onto the roads, highways or streets, accidents are sure to occur. The responsible party for such accidents and subsequent injuries to motorists or pedestrians would be the truck driver and the trucking company.

These accidents are preventable. The truck cargo must be secured. When investigating an accident arising out of falling truck cargo or falling debris from trucks it is essential that all federal regulations, particularly the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations are reviewed. The regulations mandate that motor carriers and drivers make certain that their trailers are loaded properly and that their truck’s cargo is secured so that no abrupt stop or driving event would cause a fall of the material loaded.

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