Chicago Birth Injury Case Settled: Delay in Delivery Results in Severe Brain Damage to Baby

During labor and delivery minutes can sometimes be the difference between a good outcome and a poor outcome. So consider the case of a Chicago mother who was forced to wait over two hours before her baby was finally delivered. A recent Chicago birth injury malpractice case settled with Northwestern Memorial Hospital highlights the importance of timing during labor and delivery.
According to the mother’s statement, she waited for more than two hours in the obstetrical waiting area at Northwestern Memorial Hospital before a physician even evaluated her. The plaintiff’s lawyers alleged that this lengthy wait was negligent in light of the fact that upon arrival to the hospital she had been ordered for an immediate induction of labor due to her severe lack of amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid is what protects the baby inside the womb and is extremely important to the baby’s well-being.
During the two hour wait the physicians were apparently waiting for confirmation of the baby’s status via newer tests. When the results finally did arrive they confirmed that the fetal heartbeat was very faint and that an emergency Cesearean section was in fact required. However, this delay resulted in a severe birth injury to the baby boy. He was born nearly lifeless and required resuscitation in order to be revived. He was diagnosed with severe brain damage and immediately placed on life support. The baby passed away a month after he was born.

The plaintiff’s lawyers alleged that the delay in delivery resulted in this Chicago baby’s birth injuries and eventual death. Northwestern Memorial Hospital settled with the family for $1.2 million while the case awaited trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County.
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